Tax Services

Problems do not disappear or simply resolve themselves. And, with financial matters and taxes the IRS and government agencies are unrelenting when it comes to pursuing resolutions. With Krupa & Company in your corner, you'll have the right representation to avoid these issues.

Tax Audits, Disputes

Whether you've been unfairly assed or are facing a full audit, make sure you have Krupa & Company. IRS agents are trained to ferret out discrepancies and dig deep into your past; our firm knows how to defend your position and respond to adverse claims.


Taxes & Numbers
We Know Both

Business Planning

Starting or expanding a business can be a daunting task. With Krupa & Company by your side guiding you with our past experience you it will get done right.  

Acquisitions and mergers are another area where we have experience to guide as well.

Other Financial & Business Needs

We are not experts in all fields. We work with the premier specialist in the fields of law, insurance, investments, financial planning, business valuation, employee benefit audits, financial audits, review, banking, mergers and acquisitions.

Although we are a boutique firm, we work closely with other professionals needed to handle larger engagements.